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Your Ultimate Guide for Trading CFDs

Lately more and more traders are turning to CFDs, and for a good reason – with CFDs, you don’t own an actual asset. Rather, you trade based on the predictions of where the certain asset’s price is gonna go. This takes a lot of the edge off from your trading, and makes you feel more in control of your investment.

Also, you don’t need a huge amount of capital to start. Since CFD is a leveraged instrument, it gives you an opportunity for a higher return on a small amount invested. Still, don’t get ahead of yourself – with the higher leverage come higher risks!

CFDs are considered to be a one-stop shop for all your trading needs. How is that possible? Well for starters, you can trade basically everything available on the market – cryptocurrencies, indices, bonds, you name it.


So, to make sure you’ve got your basics covered, here is a brief guide on trading CFDs:

  • using stop-loss orders – stop-loss orders are a type of orders that allow you to limit your losses. In other words, when your investment reaches a certain point you’ve previously chose as the lowest limit, your position will automatically close to protect you from further losses
  • limiting leverage – as we mentioned before, leverage is higher when trading CFDs. This option allows you to get a higher profit on a smaller amount you invest. However, this can be a double-sided sword – the higher the leverage is, the higher are the risks. This is why it would be wise to limit your leverage to suit your risk tolerance
  • doing your homework – we cannot stress this enough, but education is key. Since the market is constantly improving, so should you. In trading, where everything is so unpredictable, each person can find something that will suit only them. So, comparing your accomplishments with other, more experienced traders can be useful to a certain extent, but always keep in mind that the only thing that matters is what works best for you
  • keeping your options open – since CFDs give you the opportunity to trade variety of different securities, why not use it? This way you will not only diversify your investments, but also get a better options for possibly minimizing risks.


As you can see, there is a lot of things you can to do make you CFD trading more enjoyable and profitable. We are certain you will find the most suitable one for you!




How China deals with the trade war

The trade war escalation is one of the most important events of 2019. The situation was brewing long before that, with the US hitting China with tariffs semi-regularly since the beginning of last year. And though China did reciprocate with tariffs of their own, the difference is evident – currently, the total of US tariffs on Chinese goods comes at US$550 billion, while China’s tariffs on the US goods are only US$185 billion.

But tariffs on the import are not the only weapon used in this war affecting the entire world. Back in March 2018, US President Donald Trump signed a memorandum directing to file a WTO case against China for their discriminatory practices, along with restricting any investments in the technology sector and imposing tariffs on tech and aerospace products.

China retaliated with its own claim to WTO against the US, and so the vicious cycle began and continued to this day. Initially, China refused to start trade talks, postponing negotiations further. The US also canceled the talks at the beginning of the year. Then, China banned the production of all types of fentanyl in April, putting an even bigger strain on the negotiations amid the opioid crisis in the US. The biggest rift between the two countries followed in May when the US put Chinese tech giant Huawei on the blacklist banning the US companies to buy from or be associated with it in any other way.

Trade talks seemed hopeful during the G20 Summit in Osaka, where both US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping agreed that reaching a deal on the matter would be in the best interest of both sides. Soon after Trump himself proposed a more relaxed approach to Huawei.

Now that a new set of US tariffs went into action on September 1, the negotiations seem less likely to continue. Though the talks about the two presidents meeting in Washington sometimes in October are going strong, the US is still adamant to impose another set of tariffs on Chinese goods on October 1.

Lately, more than ever, the Chinese manufacturers are turning to themselves, building their businesses locally to decrease the damage of the trade war consequences. Countless Chinese equipment manufacturers are supplying Western firms, which are now hesitant about the way their businesses will continue to develop. The situation is also creating a strain between them – many companies that were once partners are becoming rivals.


What is the secret to South Korean inflation?

The economy of South Korea is like a fairytale story – what once was a poor and economically weak country, today is one of the strongest ones in the world. Korean unique position in the financial world comes mainly from family-owned conglomerates called chaebols. And though chaebols lead the country high up to be a part of G-20 and OECD, they are actually slowing the growth expected from future generations, according to the experts.

Still, Korea is one of the world’s tech leaders. It is considered that the reason for the technology boom and economic development it follows is a highly motivated and educated population. South Korea is one of the fastest-growing countries in terms of economy. It is also one of the few that managed to avoid recession during the global financial crisis.

So, what went wrong? Today marks the weakest pace for the country’s economy since it started releasing the inflation data back in 1965. Some of the repeating factors of the situation include weaker consumer demand and declining farm prices, considering that the improved weather contributed to a boosted production.

Experts are warning that we are looking at the economically worst year for South Korea in the last 5 decades. The decline in economic growth is pushed even further due to growing domestic and external economic risks. This prompted the government to draft the most aggressive budget plan since the global financial crisis.

Ahead of the weakening inflation, the Bank of Korea is open to another round of interest rate cuts, after the surprising first one in July, which marked the first cut in the last 3 years. This was a rare occasion which created a joint stand between BOK and finance ministry, who both claimed there is no room for worrying about deflation.

Still, the second-quarter economic growth shows weakened exports. One of the strongest factors that are shaking up the world’s economies is the US-China trade war, which affects South Korea as well. In addition to the country’s own feud with Japan, the local companies are deterring from investing and hiring, adding to weaker demand. Experts are emphasizing that the Korean demand is typically low, so it shouldn’t be considered as the contributing factor of inflation.


How Libra is shaking the world of finance by being just an idea

When the concept of social media giant taking part in the cryptocurrency world first became publicly known, the reactions were quite concerning. The central banks expressed their worries about financial stability, while users themselves once again pointed out Facebook’s controversial approach to data privacy.

The mystery that is Libra officially came to the spotlight on June 18, when Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg announced his latest business and invention venture. Libra promotes financial inclusivity, online security and fast and efficient use of your money. It will be based on the blockchain technology, which means it will be part of a global financial system and include all its greatest advantages. The Libra Blockchain is operated by the network of validator nodes and overseen by the Founding Members of Libra Association.

Libra is backed up by a reserve of real assets, where the basket of currencies is held for every Libra created. This way, it will always keep its core intrinsic value, with the minimum effect of the outside factors.

Everyone is aware of the concerns regarding security when it comes to Facebook and its many endeavors. That’s why Libra has a special section on the website proving long and hard that safety, transparency, and reliability are its top priorities. The currency aims at preventing the “double spending attack” which is the term used for tricking someone into thinking they were paid when they weren’t. The software is created with great details so it can protect your funds from vulnerability and exposure. In addition, the Libra network does not store any private user information, while the transactions are kept solely in nodes and added to the blockchain.

To conclude, the Libra network takes responsibility for taking part in the world of finance by working with law enforcement in case any outsiders try to exploit the cryptocurrency or any of the values it stands for. The open and transparent financial system that is planned to launch in 2020 will be managed by several of the largest companies such as Spotify, Uber, and Vodafone.

Despite all of this, the concerns kept coming up in the following months. So much so that Zuckerberg hired a group of lobbyists to compromise with the regulators, both US and European, and prove to them that Libra will work completely within the already established legislation and monetary system. To show that Libra is open to helpful suggestions and improvement, the Association released a bug bounty program, which promises a $10.000 reward for anyone who finds a security vulnerability.

Still, Libra can’t be released until it satisfies the highest standards of the US legislation. The main concern the US Federal Reserve expresses is the potential for the currency to be exploited for illegal use, including fraud and money laundering.




Top Things That Successful Forex Traders Do


Success stories have always been the epitome of reaching the top, as everyone’s experience is something that we would take seriously. The same concept applies to the world of digital currency. When it comes to Forex trading, people have always been wondering about the ways that are needed to reach the top. These methods are not easy, but trying makes everything look easier. So, to help all budding investors make the right decision, here are certain things that successful Forex traders do.


Just like the famous song from Guns n Roses on the same name, we all require a bit of patience in life. Without having an attitude that does not mind waiting, we cannot achieve anything. As the market is one that cannot be predicted easily, you need to develop a system of your own. This process might take time, but you need to make the best use out of it. The figures that you generate using this system might take time to appear in the market, and hence that’s why you need to wait. If your figures are right, then sooner or later the market will eventually fall in line. Until then, have hope and sleep well.


The Concept of Realism

Life does not happen in front of a screen; instead, it happens right in front of your eyes. So you need to be in touch with reality at all times since that is the only guiding power that you will ever have or ever need. Realistic thoughts and actions can lead you in the right place in the market, and you will not be filling for bankruptcy. At times, when you tend to live in a world of fantasy, you will go ahead and make decisions that might not be the best.


Emotion is something that is sacred to an individual. Without emotions, our lives will tend to keep going, and we would not be making any sense out of it. But those emotions need to be expressed at the right time and not while dealing with finances. The market is not a place where you need to showcase your emotions, as they should not guide you through the process. You need to step out and make bold moves, regardless of the consequences. So, if you ever feel like shouting, then find a closed room and come back stronger.




If you have ever seen a waiting room, you would have noticed that some people wait in frustration and certain others wait in patience. In this scenario, that particular waiting room is your doorway to returns, and you need to be the one that waits in patience. For this, you require discipline that helps and moulds your character in the right manner. As the market is unpredictable, your behaviour needs to be predictable.

The Basic Principles of Technical Analysis in the FX Market

Technical Analysis

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind before venturing out into the Forex market. These things come in the form of principles that evaluate the field of technical analysis. Combined with the right approach, you can examine and gain some big returns that will go a long way in helping you quit your job. The technical analysis here refers to an examination of the price patterns that can provide a clue about the future scenario. Due to that, these analyses remain to be of prime importance when it comes to the Forex market.

Support and Resistance

The first part of technical analysis starts with support and resistance. These are certain levels that price may tend to come in touch with. The support level here, for instance, touches the price, when it comes down due to a decrease. So resistance occurs in another way when the price begins to increase. Such differences need to be noticed, and you need to keep an eye out for it. As price has a particular habit of going in different directions, examination is the biggest source here.


The importance of Indicators

Technical analysis tends to manoeuvre due to indicators, and there are mainly two types of them. These are lagging indicators and leading indicators. Lagging indicators come after an event has occurred and is often referred to as trend confirming indicators. They provide a relatively high success rate of signals and also trade fairly late. Moving averages, volume-weighted, Parabolic SAR are some of the most famous lagging indicators. When it comes to leading indicators, they are also known as oscillator type. They provide the signal before the potential reverse has occurred. These indicators have both positive and negative impacts, just like lagging indicators. Providing you with a heads up is the positive aspect, and false signals may be considered as the negative aspect.


Price action technical analysis is another form of analysis that you require for a lot of reasons. The two types here are Candlestick patterns and Classical chart patterns. Candle patterns are specific formations that are created by individuals on the price chart. The two main aspects of a Candlestick patterns are reversal candlestick formation and continuation. The reverse tends to reverse the direction of the price and continuation tend to carry on the price in the same direction. Coming to classical chart patterns, they are as nearly as important as candlestick patterns. Classical chart patterns are also specific formations that are created by the general price. Their main patterns are reversal and continuation. Just like the ones mentioned above, reversal patterns are likely to be followed by reverse price movements, and continuation price patterns are followed by the continuation of the general trend.