Cartel: kärˈtel

An association of manufacturers or suppliers with the purpose of maintaining prices at a high level and restricting competition.

What is cartel coin?

Cartel Chain is a forward-looking iterative blockchain project, single-minded in its initiative to streamline e-commerce via an “ease of use” exchange, powered by a robust compendium of tailored smart contracts, delivered on a trustless chain.

What does it solve?

Due in large part to valueless intermediaries as gatekeepers, the distribution of consumer goods is fragmented, disjointed and in desperate need of consolidation. By deploying smart contracts and exploiting the transparent and secure nature of the blockchain, Cartel Chain can remove the glaring inefficiencies in the supply chain and bridge the existing divide between manufacturers and consumers.

Our vision!

The company envisions a seamless e-commerce continuum wherein a zero-knowledge protocol exists between buyers and sellers alike in a trustless, secure environment.




Acquires raw materials, produces a product, adds on margin.


Pickup costs, taxes and shipping and import costs.


Marketing and branding costs, paying for his employees, etc, adding on margins.


Adds on carrying costs pays for fuel and labor.


The wholesaler buys and sells in large volumes to smaller retailers.


Delivers smaller shipments to each retailer.


Pays for storefront, staff, etc marketing and advertising and adds margins


Has to work more to pay for unnecessary added costs.


Millions of users from around the world all collectively buy simultaneously via Cartel from the comfort of their own home. Goods are sent directly from the manufacturer at a fraction of the price, less of the planets resources are consumed. We all enjoy the products we need and want at the fairest possible price, savings thousands!



Money saved


Less CO2 emissions



Official ICO Launch March 10th 2018 Duration: Until hard cap is reached or May 10th 2018*CC reserves the right to end the ICO at any time prior to May 10th 2018

100M total CRTL Tokens

Soft cap $500k

Hard cap $7.9M


Round 1: 40,000,000 CRTL at 0.10c until sold
Round 2: 20,000,000 CRTL at 0.12c until sold
Round 3: 10,000,000 CRTL at 0.15c until sold


70% Token generation event
10% Private Investors
15% Team (Locked until build complete)
5% Advisory services


Official ICO Launch March 10th 2018 Duration: Until hard cap is reached or May 10th 2018*CC reserves the right to end the ICO at any time prior to May 10th 2018

100M total CRTL Tokens

Soft cap $500k

Hard cap $7.9M


Research and Development

platform/product design and development, building smart contract library, testing & blockchain deployment- current and ongoing- 25%

Technical Development

Dev operations, apps, dapps and interfaces- Android, IOS, and web. Community build out and interface- 15%

Sales and Marketing

Awareness campaigns, brand expansion, customer acquisition, referrals, content, distribution, public relations, ad placements, promotions, recruiting- 25%


client management, growth and expansion, ecosystem- communal/governance maintenance and relations- 15%


human resources, employees, in-office expenses, travel, office, licensure, accounting- 12.5%


licensure, expansion, intellectual property, smart contract creation and related counsel- 2.5%

Capital Reserves

discretionary monies to be allocated to unforeseen expenses and/or opportunities- 5%



Consumer Portal

Merchant Interface with embedded smart contract using proprietary scale purchase system that connects buyers from all over the world with wholesalers and manufacturers.


API Plugin

Application integrating existing sites like Alibaba, We Chat, Kakaotalk, Amazon, and Whatsapp with the Cartel Platform, offering their customers our proprietary functionality.



Enabling the sending and receipt of CC’s along with the exchange into other currencies. P2P lending capability will also be included as a function of the CCW.


Business Portal

B2B Platform allowing companies to compile their buying power exploiting economies of scale and reducing cost of goods and services.



Token Integration and distribution
CCI MVP Completion
Private Alpha test CCI
Sales team staffing
Exchange listing


OSX/Windows wallet release
Partnership announcements
Participating brand announcements
Marketing deployment
CCI Public Beta using platform to purchase
Additional exchange listing


iOS/Android mobile wallets
Review platform testing
Beta test commercial BBI
Exchange listing
Integrate P2P Lending solution
Launch platform and all assets


Jan Roessner

Jan Roessner


Former German military officer, leading operations in a helicopter squadron, political relations and training programs. CEO of Sagency in Berlin, with offices in NYC. In 2015, Jan founded gaming firm, Arcade Distillery successfully launching four games on a range of platforms including PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Finn Hansen

Finn Hansen

Product manager and agile specialist

Product development, UX and agile specialist with eight years experience building web and mobile products. Co-founder of Biddy, the worlds first mobile video marketplace.

Alessandro Mazzi

Alessandro Mazzi

Legal Officer

Specialist Tech and international Law partner at AM Legal formerly international legal advisor at Minter Ellison

Minter Ellison Lawyers

Alexander Harutunian

Alexander Harutunian

Cryptoeconomy Advisor

Corporate finance and economics professional, specializing in Fintech. Previously, Alexander had a senior auditor role at KPMG, led retail and banking sector engagements. He has MBA from American University of Armenia.

Sean Ryan

Sean Ryan

Sales Director

With over 10 years of sales and marketing experience in both tech and Saas based products, Sean has achieved great success and is highly experienced on both a local and international scale.
He is highly enthusiastic about disruptive tech and is motivated to see Cartel build market share.

Croft Malyan

Croft Malyan

SCRUM master

Croft is a Windows Software Engineer skilled with Desktop UI development. Specialized in WPF, C#, .NET technologies he is now exploring decentralized applications. Croft brings in experience from companies such as Hewlett Packard and Cisco

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Rob Weir

Rob Weir

Operations Manager

Former Marketing executive and Analytics Professional turned entrepreneur and Business manager in FMCG, B2C and B2B brands. Lives to build brands and network with like minded entrepreneurs.

Iron Kim

Iron Kim

Asia Pacific Relationships Manager

Experienced Project Manager working within the supply chain across various industries including shipbuilding, consumer products and OEM manufacturing.
Irons work behind the scenes has been instrumental in the development of our commercial network.

Levon Hayrapetyan

Levon Hayrapetyan

Crowdfunding Contract developer

Levon is an experienced software engineer specializing in cloud technologies and blockchain. Levon brings in experience from Microsoft. He has Masters of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

Tobi Balogun

Tobi Balogun

Full stack designer and branding specialist

Designer and branding specialist with seven years experience designing web and mobile products. Co-founder of Lightweight Labs and Paperplain iOS app.

Arda Karaçizmeli

Arda Karaçizmeli

Full stack designer & frontend developer

Designer & frontend developer with six years experience building web and mobile products. Co-founder of Lightweight Labs and Paperplain iOS app.

Stacey Bouterakos

Stacey Bouterakos

Executive Administrator

Graduated from Latrobe University with a degree in Marketing to become administration manager for multi-national brands. She has spent the last 24 months project managing a team of dedicated digital assets working on sales, communications, marketing and brand developing.

Paul Mak

Paul Mak

Business Development & Marketing Manager

Brand owner with 15 years fmcg and supply chain experience as CEO. Investor, Business Analyst and performance specialist with a passion for decentralised solutions, disruptive tech, surfing and his two sons.

Vahan Lulukyan

Vahan Lulukyan

Web Developer

Vahan is a web developer with more than 10 years of experience. Vahan worked in diverse range of web projects including gaming, retail and infrastructure.


Cartel is a Singapore LLC